Bethel Worship Nights November Video Content

This is a continuation from the last past from the November Worship Nights Tour with bethel music. On this tour I was in charge of all the video content we put on our video wall.
There was a good new 20% of content added to this tour. Half of the content has been shot by me, half is stalk footage that has been modified. Here are a few photos showing the LED with some of the content.

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Bethel Worship Nights November 2014 Tour – Mac Pro Video Setup

For this tour we are carrying a Solo Tech 8mm LED wall that we setup in the shape of a diamond. Feeding that LED wall is my New 6 core Mac Pro.

The system is kinda complicated.

Running on the mac pro is Avenue made my Resolume.
Avenue is VJ Software that I use as a media server for all our different songs.
Feeding into Avenue is ProPresenter 5 through a Black Magic Ultra Studio 3D.
I’m also using a Akai APC40 as a midi controller for Avenue


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